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All models if we have will be produced. Just make you purchase correct link and options, and intype your phone's model in remark.

Here are some special models that will change some elements.

Other models like these will also change because the case should leave holes for camera and touch id.

oppo r7 will change orangehun's direction for speaker hole.

HUAWEI and some versions have both big camera and toouch id holes will also be changed. If you cannot accept these changes, please don't purchase. You can ask we refund before 3rd Sep.



OPPO r7等手机右下角有扬声器孔,我们会改变小橘子世勋的方向。其他同时有居中摄像头和指纹孔的型号我们会在之后统一处理(如华为mate9等等)修改依旧以移动小橘子logo为主。



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